How to Get Involved

Using the Obulamu? platform, CHC and the Ministry of Health engage implementing partners to roll out a series of innovative health communication interventions across Uganda. Implementing partners can get involved through:


  • Secure additional airtime to broadcast Obulamu? messages
  • Pick up CDs of radio spots to play in health centers, outreach events, and during mobilization drives
  • Provide Guest Speakers to appear on radio talk shows
  • Monitor broadcasts and share observations with CHC
  • Notify CHC of new radio stations in your area



  • Collect a DVD with copies of TV commercials to broadcast them in community video halls, health centers, buses and other places with TVs
  • Disseminate the videos in health centers, community video clubs and long-distance buses
  • Provide Guest Speakers to appear on TV talk shows


Print Media

  • Budget for and print additional print materials
  • Monitor dissemination and targeted placement of materials through OBULAMU? champions
  • Document informal feedback (listening surveys) and share with CHC


For Campaign Champions

  • Orient additional campaign champions at every village where you operate
  • Print additional champions’ materials and participate and support the orientation of champions
  • Monitor the activities of champions through your existing mechanisms
  • Document and share challenges and lessons learned with CHC


Targeted Community Shows

  • Lead planning and scheduling in areas with the most need, based on service data
  • Meet with CHC to plan dates, venues, activities, set-up and the roles of stakeholders
  • Share data on service uptake in your programs to help choose venues and the focus of shows
  • Provide services on the date of community shows
  • Monitor and document trends in service uptake before, during and after the community show and share with CHC
  • Use community show guides and scripts from CHC to organize your own 

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