Materials' development for tetanus prevention in SMC 

April 2016

A brochure with ten steps for safe male circumcision developed by CHC 

In August 2015 Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MOH) adopted the WHO recommendation to provide tetanus vaccination to all men seeking safe male circumcision (SMC). According to MOH, "All SMC clients will be required to get the first tetanus vaccination shot 28 days before SMC and a second at circumcision."

In support of Ministry of Health's policy guideline , USAID/CHC in partnership with the Ministry and SMC services partners carried out consultation meetings with stakeholders countrywide, to find out the perspectives of health workers, circumcised men, women and uncircumcised men on the inclusion of tetanus vaccine as part of the safe male circumcision (SMC) package. The findings were used to develop a communication plan, messages and materials which were shared with implementing partners at a meeting held on October 23rd, 2015.  

The key materials for inclusion of tetanus vaccine as part of the SMC package include: a factsheet for Safe Male Circumcision mobilizers to help discussions with communities; an invitation card for men to get circumcised, to be used when returning for the second tetanus shot as well; and a frequently asked questions (FQA) tool on tetanus vaccination.