The OBULAMU campaign is an integrated social and behavior change communication (SBCC) platform. Based on the Life Cycle/Life Stage approach, it addresses evolving health needs over the different stages of life of individuals and their families, with cognizance of behavioral determinants including: knowledge, motivation, skills, gender and social norms.

The nationwide campaign is spearheaded by the USAID/ Communications for Healthy Communities (CHC) project in partnership with the Ministry of Health and implementing partners. It designs, implements and monitors health communication interventions that contribute to the reduction in HIV infections, total fertility, maternal and child mortality, malnutrition, malaria and TB.

USAID/CHC also supports a robust learning agenda that strengthens program implementation, documents impact and contributes to the health communication knowledge base. In addition, CHC is enhancing the Government of Uganda’s capacity to lead and coordinate similar health communication interventions.

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