Family Planning - What Would a Pregnancy Mean to You now Campaign materials

Campaign Background

  • Campaign actualizes the  National Family Planning Social Behavior Change Communication Strategy(2016-2021)Supports achievement of Uganda’s commitment to the FP2020 goals 
  • Guides the design and implementation of coordinated communication interventions that address current barriers to FP uptake
  • Supports the achievement the FP CIP demand generation priorities
  • Uses the Socio Ecological Model as the guiding theoretical framework
Campaign seeks to
  • Focus on the ultimate benefit of using FP which is prevention of unplanned pregnancy
  • Link everyday issues and challenges that result from unplanned pregnancies
  • Motivate audiences to talk, reflect and act about situations that increase their risk of having unplanned pregnancies
  • Build on existing communication approaches that have been  effective in the last 3 years 

Campaign materials

To watch campaign TVCs click on the links below;

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